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Week Without Violence

Violence against Women affects women around the world and it is deeply rooted in all societies, cultures, traditions and structures. In the struggle for women‘s rights, YWCAs are actively involved in programmes that respond to the needs of survivors of violence and that mobilise communities against violence. Campaigning is one of the ways that YWCAs are working to address gender inequality and VAW. One such campaign is the  YWCA Week Without Violence that takes place in the third week of October each year.

Week Without Violence 2014

The YWCA strives for a world without violence.

Week without Violence 2015

There is no excuse for violence against women and there is no excuse for ignoring it. This is the rallying cry of the campaign from the World YWCA. “This is your fault; you’ve dishonoured the whole family!” The  NoXcuses campaign questions the validity of similar sentences commonly used when a violent act is committed.