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Strategic Framework 2016 - 2019

We have adopted a bold and transformative goal: “By 2035, 100 million young women and girls transform power structures to create justice, gender equality and a world without violence and war; Leading a sustainable, YWCA movement, inclusive of all women.

This goal outlines both the collective impact we intend to achieve and defines who want to be by 2035.

As the YWCA movement continues to grow and learn, we must also focus on future challenges.  To contribute to the 2030 agenda of the  Sustainable Development Goals, our strategies need to be bold, transformative, visionary and achievable.

Our strategic priorities

We will develop Strategic Frameworks every four years as blueprints for implementing our vision for 2035. For the next quadrennium, we have also set three strategic priorities:

  1. Strengthening Young Women and Girls’ Transformative Leadership
  2. Realising Human Rights
  3. Sustaining the YWCA Movement