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The World YWCA Council meets every four years to make decisions regarding the World YWCA’s policy, constitution, strategic direction and budgets. The Council includes representatives from the 108 member associations that are affiliated to the global YWCA movement.

The World Council also elects 20 women to the World Board, the governing body of the World YWCA, which includes representatives from all regions. The World Board works closely with the World YWCA office, which handles day-to-day operations for the organisation in accordance with its policies, strategic direction and budgets.  


World YWCA President 

Deborah Thomas-Austin

Deborah Thomas-Austin joined the YWCA in 1985 as a member of the Board of the Port of Spain Association in Trinidad and Tobago. She served as chairman of the Programme Committee, including responsibility for the Y-Teens.

Download full profile:  World YWCA Biography - Deborah Thomas-Austin

World YWCA Board 2016-2019

  • Deborah Thomas-Austin, President (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Emma Bird, Treasurer (Australia)
  • Haifia Baramki, Vice President (Palestine)
  • Kathryn Ungard, Vice President (Canada)
  • Marissa Chester, Vice President (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Mimi Han, Vice President (Korea)
  • Niveditha Sharat Chandran, Vice President (Aoteara/NewZealand)
  • Andrea Michelle Gradiz Díaz, Vice President (YWCA of Honduras)
World Board Members
  • Angele Koloche Biao (Benin)
  • Caroline Midttun Rostrup (Norway)
  • Jamie Medicine Craine (Canada)
  • Jenna Foster (USA)
  • Johanna Roetman (The Netherlands)
  • Kuena Diaho (Lesotho)
  • Lucy Masiye (Zambia)
  • Melanie Gentner (Germany)
  • Nagham Nassar (Lebanon)
  • Rajini Sureka Wijerupa (Sri Lanka)
  • Silvina Mariel Gerbaldo (Argentina)
  • Valerie Felicia Ho (Taiwan)